The 25th of January is St Dwynwen’s Day / Dydd Santes Dwynwen here in Wales – the ‘Welsh St Valentine’ – bring your loved one here to celebrate with a weekend of pure romance, ahead of the more commercial affair in February.

Born in the 4th Century, Dwynwen was the prettiest of King Brychan Brycheiniog’s 24 daughters. She fell in love with a local lad called Maelon Dafodrill, but King Brychan had already arranged for her to marry another prince. Maelon took the news badly, so the distraught Dwynwen fled to the woods to weep, and begged God to help her. She was visited by an angel who gave her a sweet potion to help her forget Maelon, which happened to turn him into a block of ice.

God then granted Dwynwen three wishes. Her first wish was that Maelon be thawed; her second wish was for God to help all true lovers; her third wish was that she would never marry. In gratitude, Dwynwen became a nun and set up a convent on Llanddwyn Island on Anglesey. 

Less commercial than St Valentines’ Day 3 weeks later, we believe St Dwynwen’s Day is the perfect opportunity to book a weekend away in one of our cosy cottages, B&Bs or hotels; take long, romantic walks on deserted beaches, enjoy a fabulous meal for two before cwtching up in front of a roaring log fire.

Traditionally, a Welsh Love Spoon may have been given as a gift from a man to a woman, which in itself holds a message to the recipient:
A heart: telling her that he is giving his heart to her.
Links in a chain: Telling how many children he’d like.
A cage carved with balls inside also indicates the number of children that he would like to have.
Intertwining hearts indicate togetherness, as does a double bowled love spoon.
A twisted stem in the spoon indicates two lives being lived as one.
A horseshoe is for good luck.
A bell represents a wedding or an anniversary.
A diamond shape cut into the spoon expresses the hope of wealth and good fortune.
A key offers her the key to his heart
A keyhole carries the message that his home is hers.
Celtic Knotwork indicates a wish for their love to last forever.

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